SuperPlayer is based on the block chain game "Krypton Knight", focusing on "asset characteristics", "rich game content"., to explore the new business model of the game. The game Super Player is a decentralized MMO game running on the chain. Not only can you become an explorer, but you can also team up with other players to explore mysterious relics and experience the joys of SuperPlayer exploration and teamwork. You can also become a gladiator to have real-time duel with other players in the arena, experience the excitement and refreshment of the battlefield, become the game's "number one player". You can also become a businessman, provide a variety of supplies for other players, and become a "millionaire" of the game. You can also become a city owner, build your own empire, participate in Imperial wars, and become the king of the world. In a word, where there are people, there are fights!As a type of decentralized asset, NFT has the free circulation property and the non-controversial
confirmation property of a unique virtual unit. It plays an important role in WEB3.0 and is also one of
the core elements in the concept of Metaverse.
As the top track in the current crypto world, NFT has attracted a large amount of capital, creators,
developers and traditional or emerging technology companies. Participants are exploring different
application scenarios such as encrypted artworks, commercial collections and GameFi.
Among them, GameFi is a new type of decentralized application which is unique to the blockchain. It
empowers NFT with the attributes of "collection", "application" and "decentralized finance". Because
GameFi maximizes the advantages of the blockchain, it gains several attentions for the blockchain.
Meanwhile, the GameFi project AXS has already verified that this model can work for a long time and
generate stable benefits and flourishing application ecology.
Superplayer.World is a platform for GameFi assets to issue, applicate and trade. For users,
Superplayer.World provides information dissemination and transaction channels for high-quality GameFi
projects. For project parties, it provides asset issuance and publicity channels. Superplayer.World also
provides asset transfer bridge for multi-chain projects. Besides, Superplayer.World embeds the token
HONOR into the business process, providing holders with priority rights, investment protection and DAO
The vision of Superplayer.World is to actively enhance its brand and influence through consistent
development and become one of the indispensable entrances to the GameFi world

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