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What is sushiQ | BNB Mining Game?
sushiQ is a DAPP built on the BSC chain which allows its' players to earn about 7% BNB reward per day by playing a simple game on our DAPP. As the master sushi chef, your main goal is to serve as many as SUSHI, which will be exchanged for BNB. Except for the daily rewards, with the "50 Chef Bonus" and "Yummy sushi Contest", you will be able to win extra profit!

7% Daily Reward

7% Referral

50 Chef Bonus

Yummy Sushi Reward Pool

The blockchain has plenty of mining DAPP now, but most of them aren't cute at all and the same gameplay rule keeps coming up. So, the team makes "sushiQ" with the cutest visual and different rewards bonus to catch your eyes and of course, we expect to become a sustainable project.

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