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What is Tales of Phantom?
Tales of Phantom is a Play to Earn RPG game developed on Fantom Opera.

The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary weapons and powerful Heroes to strategically fight against the sinful beasts of Eidolon.

Purchasing Tales
Bridging Assets
In order to play Tales of Phantom, you'll need to have assets of Fantom Opera.
There are unnofficial bridges from ETH/BSC/POLYGON and other chains to Fantom such as or .
In boths apps, a small fee is charged for using this service, which will be detailed for you before accepting the transfer.
If you need funds on Fantom you could use the following app to get FTM for fees after using the bridge.
Note: A Faucet is a tool that provides a small amount of funds to start using a cryptocurrency without having to buy some.
Purchasing TALES
Once your MetaMask has been connected to Fantom Network and has received an appropriate amount of FTM (or any other token), you may proceed to an exchange to purchase TALES.
TALES can be purchased on a decentralized exchange such as :
TALES Contract Address: 0xbCCE88102Fd08B3911199C6f3FaD4266FECE5380.
Buy TALES on .
The steps to purchasing TALES are outlined below:
Go to​
Click on the "Connect to a wallet" button on the upper right hand side of the screen.
Connect using your MetaMask wallet.
Proceed with any confirmations and wait for your wallet to connect to SpookySwap.
Make sure FTM is set on the "Swap From:" field on the upper portion of the interface.
Input the desired amount of FTM to spend.
Double check your values and once you are satisfied click on "Swap" and "Confirm Swap".
Note: Be patient and wait for pending transactions to complete. Repeated clicking may cause multiple transactions to register.
Once your transaction has completed you should see your TALES balance reflected in your MetaMask Assets tab.
If TALES isn't listed on your assets, you may click "Add Token" and input the contract address for TALES found below:

Contract Adrress


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