What is TamaDROID NFT Game?
TAMADROID is a semi open world role playing game developed by Droid Coin Project and Overcast Games in which digital companions called "Tamadroid" are trained to battle in the arena and fused with other Tamadroids to produce new type. Inspired by Pokémon, Monster Rancher and Tamagochi, this semi-open world game provides a wide variety of Tamadroid parts and accessories which you can mix and match to create unique and distinct visual appearances.

TAMADROID is a game where players can earn rewards in the form of DRDC (the native currency of TAMADROID game) by dueling with other online players (PvP) or by battling with wild TamaPETs (PvE). In addition to these, players can also earn through the Lyceum System (guild), the Employ System of the game as well as in Breeding. There are also mini-games and other seasonal quests that makes the game even more exciting.

A key feature of the game is that players need to train and prepare their Tamadroid for matches in the arena in order to win rewards. Win battles and go forward in ranks as you reach the top! Community development and information exchange is a huge factor in growing your Tamadroid. Meet people real-time and discuss the best strategy in optimizing your resources.

The game provides a Marketplace where players can sell their NFT assets such as accessories, pets and others. There are exclusive items however that can only be bought through TamaDroid Shop.

TAMADROID is a full 3d mobile game available for Android and Huawei devices and is now on Alpha stage with Beta release expected on Q1 of 2022. The game will also soon be available on  other platforms (PC, MAC OS, Linux, Chrome OS, IOS).  For full information about the gameplay, you can read the game whitepaper through this link

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