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What is Taroverse?
Taroverse is an open world multi-game metaverse of play-to-earn games where players around the globe will be able to interact with one another in realtime through their 3d live digital avatars using features like voice chat , emotes etc. Taroverse will be the first cross platform metaverse platform and will support android , ios , windows and macOS.

Players will be able to explore Taroverse together , attend live shows performed by various artists , participate in treasure hunts and play multiple play-to-earn games built within the platform , thus bringing unique and fun experiences along with the perks of GameFi and DeFi in one single app.

Taroverse will launch 4 games initially:

Tarogotchi: Tarogotchi is a move to earn game where players adopt a pet in the metaverse and they need to feed & train the pet by physically walking to earn daily rewards.
Tactics Royale: Tactics Royale is a P2E auto-chess strategy video game which combines elements from collectible card games, chess and online multiplayer battle arena.
Monster Bash: It is a P2E is a hack and slash game where an island is being invaded by monsters and the player has to stop the invasion.
Taro Gem Quest: Taro Gem Quest is a hybrid of P2E tile matching puzzle game with role playing game element.

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