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What is The age of dinosaurs?
Age of Dinosaurs is an NFTS game running on the BSC chain. It is a fun game developed by the Macdow game technical team combining the living habits, reproduction, and fiction of dinosaurs. It uses 2D dynamic game screens to bring you A brand new on-chain gaming experience, combined with Decentralised Finance to issue TADS tokens, we write TADS tokens into unchangeable contracts.

The issuance of TADS tokens in the age of dinosaurs is not operated through private placements and airdrops. Most TADS are earned through games, and only a small part of TADS is the reward income allocated to developers through 30-year locks in the contract. There are many friends You will receive free NFTS rewards, and these NFTS you receive can not only get TADS income, but also sell and destroy in the market. TADS tokens are constantly issued 100 billion pieces, which are obtained by participating in the game. In the game, we have designed pledge, destruction, and liquidity pools to deflate to 10 billion pieces. TADS tokens have financial attributes, and the game on the chain should be based on your country. laws and regulations to participate in and assume investment risks.

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