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What is The Bean Factory?
Have you ever wanted to mine cryptocurrency but didn’t have the technical knowledge or the start-up costs? The developer team noticed that it was very difficult to get into the mining business, even if you had those two things due to the availability of GPU's and space requirements. So we created The Bean Factory, a simplified version of cryptocurrency mining with no technical knowledge needed. Simply deposit BNB (on the Binance Smart Chain) into our contract, and receive GPU’s in return! These GPU’s will provide a steady yield of BNB at a rate of up to 8% daily! The GPU’s will work to produce BNB, only requiring a re-activation every day to maintain their peak performance. It really is as simple as that. The Bean Factory was created by a security focused and experienced dev team who's aim was to make a passive income generator that specifically targets goals such as low dev fees (so you make the most money), high referral fees (to enable fast propagation of our marketing), and safety (using safe, audited contracts).

We decided to use a stealth-launch, and this extends to the marketing approach. Slow and steady wins the race, and we believe sustainability is the key feature that separates us from other miners. We also have a rewards-based referral system, which will allow you to invite your friends to mine cryptocurrency right alongside you.

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