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What is The Football Club?
The Football Club is the Metaverse of football fandom, powered by the Flow blockchain. Users play for free – quick and simple games around football, such as score predictions or live daily fantasy matches – they earn coins, collet & trade originally licensed virtual NFT items to monetize their game experience.

One of the first native apps where you can buy NFT's to style your avatar.

TFC is built for football fans, clubs, players and competitions to experience the next generation of fan engagement.

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✅ Q2- 2020
Project Launch The Football Company & The Football Club was born.
Founding The Football Company GmbH The Football Company, the company behind The Football Club was founded.
Pre-Seed Funding The former professional football players Niko Kovac and Robert Kovac invest in TFC
✅ Q3- 2020
Development Start: The Football Club App Start of the mobile application development for iOS and Android
Fantasy Football Engine powered by Opta Launched the Fantasy Football Engine to calculate the TFC Player Score
✅ Q1- 2021
Avatar Development & App Integration
Virtual Stadium Development of the virtual stadium.
Blockchain Development on FLOW Integration of the blockchain, based on FLOW, in the app.
✅ Q2 - 2021
Big Partnership: DFL License Official licensed product of the 1. and 2. German Bundesliga
3D Avatars Launch Avatars are now available and can be customized in the app.
In-App NFT-Shop Buying NFTs in the In-App-Shop is available.
✅ Q3 - 2021
🔥 Launch Beta App The Football Club App is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Big Partnership Flow Blockchain Mainnet Release (Flow Partnership)
✅ Q4 - 2021
✅ AR BETA Integration AR Integration to show the avatar IRL
✅ Crypto Wallet Integration Blocto Crypto Wallet integration to store your NFTs in your Blocto Wallet.
✅ Partner Announcement New upcoming Partners will be announced.
🔥 ✅ Win & Earn NFT Items Play challenges and earn rare items to make real profits.

🔥 ✅ Item Superpower NFT Items will get an additional Superpower to boost XP or Coins.

🚧 Q1 - 2022
🔥 First Official NFT Drop The Football Club Official Item Packs will drop. More informations will follow soon.


✅ Launch Marketplace Beta Launch of the TFC Marketplace to sell & buy NFT Items. Check:
THE FOOTBALL CLUB - Welcome to the Football Metaverse

Chat Integrating a chat feature (+Video & Audio) to communicate inside the app.
Competition Announcements New Competition Partnership Announcements
🔮 Q2 - 2022
🔥 Founders Key Release of the, tradable, founders key. The founders key might be the most valuable, item one can get.


Get ready for the Future of Football Fandom: TFC Founders Key Drop

Virtual Stadium 2.0 Release of the virtual stadium 2.0 with a lot of new features inside the TFC Stadium
New Challenge Format New challenge modes will arrive in The Football Club App
🔥 The Club 0.1 Rate avatar outfits & welcome avatars to earn coins & xp’s


Sharing & Daily Missions Share the app with friends and accomplish daily missions and get incentivized.
🔥 Private Challenges Release of the private challenges feature to create your own challenges.

🔮 Q3 - 2022
<aside> 🔥 Avatar Virtual Room - The Football Metaverse is evolving Create, design & share your room with NFTs you own. The room can be discovered and experienced by others.


🪙 $TFC Token Releasing the TFC governance and payment token


🤑 Earn $TFC Tokens Play challenges and earn real tokens


🔮 Q4 - 2022
⛓️ Multichain Adding a second blockchain to enrich the metaverse experience massively.


Open Marketplace for Partners Marketplace will be open for external partners to sell NFTs
💃 Avatar Motion Avatars will moooove. Nothing more to say.


🔥 **The Club 1.0

Create your own TFC community space with friends and followers to chat and interact
Create your own challenges for the club avatar members
Join multiple TFC clubs
Club vs. club challenges**

🔮 Q1 - 2023
👀 The real virtual stadium


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