The Goat With 4 different forms of play, each participant can decide with which active to participate and in which game mode.

Users can make real winnings by participating in any of the different game forms.

We focus on creating an ecosystem where the emotion of each match is reflected

¿And what more exciting than the penalty kick?The GOAT is a smart contract game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BNBChain) where you can compete against the best teams in the world and get rewards while building your dream team.

Dream Team
Player vs Player (PVP)
The teams are made up of 4 players, where the role of each player has an important influence on the development and outcome of the game.
The ideal team would be 1 player per position.
1 Goalkeeper
1 Defence
1 Midfielder
1 Forward
Each player has different skills due to their position and nationality.
All players can take any position, but performance will not be optimal.
Each team can play a maximum of 5 games per day.
All matches will be recorded in the history with which the daily, weekly and monthly Ranking will be updated.
Game Mode: Play To Earn
At the end of each month the first 256 teams will qualify for La Copa where there will be a guaranteed pool to distribute to the participants.

The One
PVE (player versus environment)
The One provides the opportunity to enter the game with only 1 NFT, challenging the best goalkeepers in the competition.
Select your NFT.
Analyze the rewards for victory.
Select the goalkeeper to beat.
Get your Reward.
Rewards are locked for 7 days.
Every Wednesday the power to claim the rewards will be enabled.

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