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🗺Welcome where you adventure starts on the blockchain: The Grand Line.

🧭Grand Line is an universe on the Binance Smart Chain inspired on One Piece - play to earn game where you can buy Pirates instantly they will make passive income for you.


- Make passive income in Belly

- Use them to fight on the Grand Line

- Improve their Belly reward


- Buy with Belly

- Get an exclusive NFT

- Trade it in the Marketplace


You must have at least 5 DIFFERENT Pirates to play this mode.

- Fight with your Pirates on Player vs Monster

- Level up your Pirates

- Earn Belly

- Increase your Crew rank


Belly is not a token, you can not buy it anywhere. Belly is only produced by your Pirates and you can buy them directly on our website.

- Get Belly passively with your Pirates

- Use Belly to fight on the sea

- Improve your Crew with Belly

- Buy Fruit Boxes

- Trade it for BNB immediately

- And much more!


- Create a crew with other players or join one

- Get extra rewards on sea battles

- Improve your passive income


- Buy or sell NFT


- Buy tickets of the Pirate Lottery to get the chance of a big prize pool every week

- Buy tickets with Belly

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