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Land of Strife

Land of Strife unites the player and the game closely together through the “play to earn” economic pattern. In Land of Strife, the players could get numerous benefits through the PVE battle mode (e.g. assets and tokens in games that could be sold publicly on open markets) or get passive income by nurturing their own heroes.In the first Protoro year, 13 archmages built the Protoro Kingdom. They signed a holy treaty with the frozen tribe of Elemental and the Northern Land and began to name the year with the title of their dynasty.n the 102nd of the Protoro year, the dark mage mentor summoned the devil spirit Nopoulos and turned the former experimental site of the magicians into a nest for the devil spirits. In the 105th Protory year, magical creatures, which were transformed from devil spirits, launched various attacks against the Protoro Kingdom. As a result, the territory of the Protoro kingdom began to shrink and it gathered a troop of voluntary armies to launch an official counter-attack against the magical creatures at the fortress Katolid.In the 114th of the Protoro year, the army found that when they destroyed these magical creatures they would get invaluable magical crystals. When the word came out, all sorts of magicians, mercenaries, elves and soldiers gathered at Katolid, each harboring their own intentions. In an organized manner, they started exploratory expeditions into the forbidden land, and Katolid also grew from a wartime fortress into a city with a certain scale

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