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What is The Smokehouse?
What is The Smokehouse?

We are a yield farming and staking protocol that will focus on two things, HIGH APY and SECURITY. There have been way too many rugs lately so our team wants to provide a safe environment for everyone to get their degen farm on. This farm and the whole ecosystem that will be built will be lead a trusted team, with the sole purpose of protecting your investment.

The benefits of using Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )

Recently, the team working on The Smokehouse had their mind blown when they first tried Binance Smart Chain and have decided to park their meat here. The instant confirmations, 10 cents or less gas costs, and the whole feeling of being part of something early has us completely enthralled and excited.

We are also seeing a ton of people coming to the same realization. You can see this reflected in the recent, huge pump on BNB token. I feel like we are all pretty early here, and this team wants to set themselves up as one of the leading and most trusted teams on this chain.

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