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What is Thoreum?
Thoreum V2 is:

Hassle free: You buy on BSC & relax.
Hold to earn: Every time user sell & buy, 6.5% tax is distributed to existing holders in BUSD and 6.5% tax is accumulated in the Thoreum Treasury.
Hyper deflationary: 3.5% is burnt every buy&sell. This results in a super fast $Thoreum burn rate. Because $Thoreum is burned every transaction, its total supply will constantly be deflating against the holder balance, while the holder balance is getting the rewards from each transaction and constantly increasing against Thoreum's ever-deflating supply. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply shock to $Thoreum token as it becomes ever scarcer with time & volume.
Multichain farming: We bring the 8,000++ BNB for multi-chain farming, stake those funds to start generating new income and bring back the rewards to holders.
Continuous Buyback & rewards: Profit will be used to daily buyback Thoreum - increase price - and distributed directly for long term stakers - increase holder's amoun

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