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Hundred of years of ago in ancient China, under Han dynasty era, from 220 to 280 AD, Han dynasty came to a downfall, the evil Dong Zhuo controls the emperor at the time.

Three heroes arose from different part of the dynasty, fought together in different places for years, defeated Dong Zhuo, and forming the ever most famous era in China history, also named as “ Three Kingdoms era”.

During this era, three different camps, which are the strongest camps, was leaded separately by Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, fought against each other in this famous era, having thousands of battles all over China, rages millions of generals and soldiers, and fighting for every cities their eyes set on...

In TKB community, you get the chance to participate in this famous battle, and raise your own armies and battles against NPC or other real players world wide. What’s more is while you are indulge yourself into this “heart beating” era, you can also get tons of passive income, either by farming, PVE or PVP.

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