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TikTok2Earn aims to be a versatile video recording application, mainly using short videos - multi-profit offering combined with Web 3.0 technology to help users make money through using TikTok2Earn App to earn $T2E.

TikTok2Earn NFT Marketplace is included in the TikTok2Earn ecosystem, making it possible for users to exchange, buy, sell and create their own NFTs and trade directly in the marketplace. After downloading the TikTok2Earn App and logging in, you can record a video, then hashtag the keywords “TikTok2Earn” and “T2E”, upload the video and start earning. The amount of $T2E received depends on the traffic of that video.

In the TikTok2Earn app, viewers and content uploaders are equipped with NFT to participate in monetization.


Contract: 0x0f8b1fe14E431fa22f2eDE2A14d733c11DB41ACd

Token Name: TikTok2Earn

Symbol: $T2E

Total Supply: 68,000,000,000 T2E


- Staking: Holders can stake $T2E to get profit

- Reward: T2E will be reward while participating in TikTok2Earn App

- Payment: Use to buy/sell NFT CDs and NFT VR Glasses

- Tax: 1% $T2E is collected from every transaction and converted to BNB

- Governance: Owners of TikTok2Earn can stake $T2E to vote on desired features.

How can we get value from TikTok2Earn?

- Video recording TikTok2Earn

- Complete daily quests

- Top ranking, top-level, top active activity has a chance to get rare NFT

- Sell/Rent NFT CD and NFT VR Glasses

- Lucky Wheel: Users will be given 1 lucky spin when completing the task of the day

- Participate in contests and events organized by theme

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