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The concept of TimeBox comes from the stories of time capsule. It was an old fashion. Steve Jobs left his understanding of future technology inside a time capsule back in 1983; 59 years old John Carver believed there will be no colors in the world and kept many items including crayons inside his time capsule. However he did not find his time capsule ever after.

TimeBox is for memories of special moments in life. You can record everything into the TimeBox as you want and present to future’s generation or even yourself in the future. A feeling, a letter, or your children’s smiles and the time your spent with them. Your TimeBox recipients in the future, no matter is yourself or others, will be happy and warm to see your history.

We were not able to provide this service due to Internet was purely centralized controlled. A centralized controlled Internet environment cannot be trusted because there is no guarantee on data storage and wellbeing. Blockchain changed the world. We are able to provide TimeBox services on the back of the development of sophisticated formation of public chains. TimeBox will store your data on the blockchain permanently with no data damage or loss. You can enjoy the service except the extreme case on global internet crash.

You can set a maximum 10 years’ lock down time for your TimeBox. You will have no rights to review any contents during lock down. TimeBox can be linked to digital wallet and stored like any other digital assets. Unless you decide to send your TimeBox to someone else, you can always have peace in mind. There will be no loss or damage at all.

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