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What is Timerr?
The Timerr Marketplace is the heart of the platform: it is where vetted, legitimate crypto service providers list their products, and potential clients not only browse what is on offer, but also liaise with service providers, receive transparent quotes, and, indeed, hire and pay experts to deliver goods and services. A more granular look at the Timerr Marketplace: · Service providers can list their unique services. These providers are vetted by the Timerr team – and the extent to which they have been audited and vetted by the platform is clearly and transparently indicated. · Potential clients can receive quotes for products and services in the crypto space and liaise with prospective contractors. Clients can also filter via location, so that they can find freelancers that can cater to specific geographical niches of the crypto market. · Crypto experts can receive reviews for work done, and can log verified data on past performances, so potential customers can have a clear overview of contractors’ track records. · Service providers lacking a large social network have equal opportunities of securing work – the emphasis is on what providers bring to the table, and not who they know. · Transactions and payments between token developers and service providers can take place securely, and without any middlemen (Timerr included!) taking a cut.

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