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Titano is launching the new frontier of staking tokens which will literally change the way token holders become Stakeholders.

By releasing an innovative holding system which includes a positive rebase formula, Titano is creating a new type of elastic Token.

Titano is an elastic token which, through a positive rebase formula, allows $TITANO holders earn staking rewards just by holding the token.

Titano is bringing the highest Fixed APY in the market 102,483.58% (Autocompounding every 30 minutes) which is worth a daily ROI (Daily Return On Investment) of 1.8999%. This elevated gain is sustained by the RFV (Risk Free Value) and treasury which receive a percentage dedicated to create a collateral value for the generated APY from the token trading volume.

Moreover $TITANO holders are unique as they are contributing to build the most profitable and hyped token in the DeFi history.

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