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TokensFarm is a multichain Farm-As-A-Service provider offering off-the-shelf farms that can be live within minutes. It enables crypto holders to have a one-stop shop to earn yield on staked tokens. And at the same time, it allows projects to incentivize liquidity and strengthen token and project stability, while gaining exposure to around 100k unique monthly users.

Our current products are the following:

- Staking farms: Allows projects to easily setup staking farms that reward the community for locking tokens on a dynamic APY contract.

- LP Farms: Incentivizing community to grow liquidity, providing farms where users can stake LP tokens received after providing liquidity on DEXs.

- Vesting contracts: Allows projects to distribute tokens automatically from a smart contract to whitelist adresses bases on pre-defined vesting rules and a release schedule.

TokensFarm helps projects to take full advantage of dynamic APY, audited smart-contract, multi-DEX capabilities, and UI design customized for each individual project. Supporting all EVM and LP tokens from, though not limited to, the following DEXs: PancakeSwap, UniSwap, QuickSwap, BakerySwap, Pangolin, and many more.

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