Train of the Century is a brand new collectible NFT trading card game. There are different types of cards in Train of the Century which you can use to build your very own train. You’ll be able combine Locomotives, Railcars, and more. Have a completed train? As a Railroader, you’ll be able to load up on freight or passengers, plan routes, and earn the in-game currency — TOCIUM.What is Train of theCentury?Train of the Century is a browser-based collectible NFT trading card game. Players assume the role of the Railroader, a train manager of sorts who is tasked with overseeing transportation and shipping in the Centuryverse. As you play the game, you'll have opportunities to collect better playing cards, upgrade your setup, and rise through the ranks of Railroaders. Think you have what it takes to rule the rails?But ToC isn't just a train management simulator. Strange events are brewing in the Centuryverse. Railroaders will be introduced to a rich cast of characters who will draw them into a genre-bending narrative of conspiracies, empires, and the fate of the multiverse. Choose your words carefully, Railroader. They may have consequences...Here at OSO Interactive, we want our fans to feel connected to the games we make. That's why our design team put so much careful thought into the Train of the Century user interface.

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