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What is TreasureBlox?
TreasureBlox is the World’s first crypto and real world treasure hunt. Players use BLOX to enter treasure hunts where you find clues and solve riddles to win the treasure pot.

They then open the DAPP and select the treasure hunt they would like to enter. The player then pays a one time fee in BLOX to enter the hunt.

After entering the hunt players can apply for a time lock. A time lock is a 90 second slot where a player can enter the answer to the riddle - no other player can attempt to win during this period. The time lock was implemented to prevent bots stealing players’ answers and front running them, beating them to the treasure pot.

If a player enters the wrong answer they can still attempt to solve the riddle whilst their time lock is active. If a player enters the right answer - congratulations! You have won the treasure pot! This treasure hunt is now over - but for those who didn’t win, don’t worry! There are lots of new, exciting hunts in the pipeline.

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