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TreeDeFi is a prominent Decentralized Finance platform which allows users to exchange, deposit and farm cryptocurrency tokens while helping the environment.

We are currently operating on the Binance Smart Chain and our main product is a Yield Farming app. We use a third of our deposit fees to fund our nonprofit activities, so users who operate on our app drive an impactful change.

Treedefi's  goals is to offer companies and individuals the possibility to offset their CO2 emissions. For this reason, we developed the first eco-friendly NFT Marketplace, which lists NFTs backed by real planted trees.

For each NFT from our marketplace, there is at least one tree planted with its own story, location and updated pictures.

Every NFT includes basic information such as Tree Name, Birth date and place, and the unique Identification Code.

Our platform also showcases the amount of CO2 absorbed by each tree. This allows our users to offset the amount of CO2 they emit into the atmosphere.

By holding NFTrees our system is constantly calculating how much carbon emissions you are offsetting, therefore you are always having a small positive impact on the environment.

In the near future we will launch our Carbon Credit platform where you’ll be able to stake NFTrees and farm our brand new CO2 token, allowing you to create CO2 Offset Certificates.

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