An TronBull smart contract bull Game with tron Tron Bulls are taking over Tron. This is their turf and they will fight for it. There are only 15,012 Tron Bulls, each with different looks and abilities. Get ready for BattleVerse Arena!
From funky samurai warriors to spaced out cadets, these Tron Bulls have style. But don’t be fooled by their lovable appearance, these bad boys come with abilities that will set them apart in the Tron universe.

Each aesthetic trait will have a distribution ratio amongst all the NFTs in the set. Some traits will be much rarer than other. You all know how this works. The rarer the trait, the better. You will be able to verify the trait rarity on

The gaming TronBull  traits are made up of a numerical value that ranges from 4 to 10. The higher the number, the more capable the NFT is at that ability. An NFT with an agility of 10 will be much faster in gameplay than an NFT with an ability of 4. We also included Variables to our traits for special powers and abilities that are not included within our generic traits. Example: A game can use an invisible trait that will be decided by Variable 1. For some games, this may be the deciding trait.It’s just a matter of time before a full blown metaverse becomes a reality. Tron will be there. And so will the Tron Bulls. Of course, let’s take one thing at a time.
Join our community and become part of the journey. Our first destination is BattleVerse Arena. Get your Tron Bulls ready!


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