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The TronKingdom is a multiple-player turn-based strategy game. The game is very addictive and ornamental. A user would play as a ruler of a kingdom against another 4 kingdoms. In every turn, there would be 3 phases: "sign command", "show command", "settlement". In the "sign command" phase, a user would choose a command and the game will calculate the hash of this command and send to contract. After everyone finish the "sign command" phase, the "show command" phase starts. A command can be to train troop in the kingdom player owns or to move troops of the player. In the "show command" phase, the user can send the original command message to the contract, and the contract would verify the message with same hash algorithm(keccak). After everyone reveal their command, the "settlement phase" starts. In the phase, there are 4 subphases: "move troops", "defense war", "chaos war", "player out", "train". In the "move troops" subphase, the move troops command given by the player will be executed. In the "defense war" subphase, every kingdom owner would defend all the attackers in the kingdom. Loser will lost all the troops. And if the owner is loser, the kingdom will be owed by no one for now. In the "chaos war" subphase, on every kingdom, only the ones with max troops will survive. If there is an only winner in the kingdom, the kingdom will be occupied by the only survivor. In the "player out" subphase, any player have no kingdom will be wiped out along with the troops. In the "train" phase, every train command will add 1 troop in the selected kingdom. In summary, every player commit to a command but not reveal it until everyone done the commitment. Then everyone show the command they committed and the result of the game will be settled fairly with the power of TRON smart contract.

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