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What is Trophee?
Trophee is the only MANGA NFT marketplace powered by Manga Token ($MANGA) for fans to collect rare NFTs directly from your favourite original manga artists from Japan.

This project is an effort by the Manga Token ( team to change the Manga industry from outside of Japan. We aim to provide manga artists & creators with an alternative business model to launch their works on the blockchain.

Trophee is an audited NFT marketplace adapted from version 3 of the Wyvern Protocol. Wyvern 2.0 is the smart contract powering all transactions on the Ethereum Main net. We have implemented the more advanced version on the Binance Smart Chain and have successfully launched many Manga NFTs fromrenowned mangaka(s) such as Goseki Kojima and Yuji Kaida (Godzilla's artist) on Trophee!

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