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Tteokbokki is a decentralized yield farm running on Binance Smart Chain. Users are encouraged to pool liquidity on Tteokbokki through yield farming to earn the native currency, $TPK.

Here are the key features:

Harvest Lockup(Liquidity provision based). Our harvest lockup is based on time and liquidity provision. The baseline of lockup will last no more than 72 hours. At every depositing or harvesting time, the next lockup time will only be related to your contribution to $TPK liquidity. This is used to limit the frequency of harvest and preventing farming arbitrage bots from indiscriminately dumping tokens. More importantly, this will encourage people to add liquidity if they want to have a faster reward unlocking.
Anti Whale. Transactions greater than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected automatically. This ratio will be reduced as the total supply grows.
Transfer Tax and Burning Mechanism. Every performed transaction (send, swap, farming among others) will be charged a 5% transfer tax.  All of this transfer tax will be burned in every transaction.
Referral Program. Inviters can earn at most 5% of his/her friends' earnings forever. Just refer other users to stake in our Farms and Pools and you will be earning at most 5% of the received rewards forever.

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