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What is Type 01 by Gravis.Finance?
An NFT collection of 10101 hunter-killer robots randomly generated from 130 parts. Deploy will commence on the BSC network. Going to be a part of the Evervoid game by Gravis Finance.A few million light-years from the farthest reaches of the explored part of space is the planet Arkk. It was once home to the most talented engineers in the universe. Gradually replacing the fragile organics of life, they transformed Ark into a completely artificial construct, endowed with a cybernetic mind. And Arkk absorbed them, perceived as a threat to its continued existence. Mathematically calculating the presence of other intelligent beings in space, Arrk decided to launch a preemptive strike.Another element of the self-study cycles is the races. The surface of another planet that survived the cyberpocalypse is the perfect track for T01-piloted antigrav-speedfliers to compete. These races allow the robots to improve their spatial guidance systems and navigation programs.The Type 01 by Gravis.Finance are equipped with a highly evolved AI that regularly initiates cycles of self-learning. After destroying organics on the next planet unlucky enough to get in the way of the metal horde, the robots break into dueling pairs and threes and engage in duels among themselves. The goal is to identify and correct weaknesses in the physical design and software flaws.

During particularly long-range interstellar flights, these gladiatorial battles take place in special arenas of transport ships in which the T01s conduct their crusade against all living things.

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