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What is Typhoon Network?
About Typhoon

Typhoon allows you to send secure, private transactions between 2 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallets. It does this by becoming the middle man: You deposit some BNB into the contract and receive a secure note in return. Whoever knows the note can redeem the deposited balance from the smart contract.

Over time, once more BNB accumulates, the money you deposited mixes with deposits from other people which makes it no longer possible to see who sent what to whom.

Why does this matter?

A blockchain is by design a public ledger. Each transaction is recorded publicly and visible to anyone. Because of this, it is possible to deduce the relationship between 2 wallets, and create a profile on a person based on their online behavior over time. By having typhoon as the middleman between transactions, we provide you anonymity by making it much harder to trace the destination and origin of your funds.

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