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What is TzButton?
The TzButton experiment is controlled by a smart contract deployed on the Tezos blockchain. Whenever anyone presses the button three things will happen: 1. You will add 0.2 tez to the smart contract’s balance 2. The address of the sender will become the leader 3. The countdown is reset The address that is the leader after the countdown expired will be eligible to withdraw the total balance on the smart contract.

Why TzButton?
The experiment was inspired by “the Button” (an experiment conducted with Reddit users Reddit "The Button"). Besides the fact that the behavior of the participating users will be automatically recorded on the blockchain and analyzed + published on this site, there are also other reasons why this experiment is interesting:It showcases how easy it is for dApps to interact securely with the Tezos blockchain using the existing libraries in the ecosystem (like Beacon and Taquito)
It sets an incentive for security engineers to try to break and exploit the smart contract. This could mean two things:The contract and tooling used is secure and can be used as a reference for future applications.
A breach would be transparent and recorded on the blockchain, meaning the entire community would be able to learn from it.
It provides to the community an open source boilerplate/project to create dApps on the Tezos Blockchain.

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