Uniswap v3 introduces:

Concentrated liquidity, giving individual LPs granular control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to. Individual positions are aggregated together into a single pool, forming one combined curve for users to trade against
Multiple fee tiers , allowing LPs to be appropriately compensated for taking on varying degrees of risk
These features make Uniswap v3 the most flexible and efficient AMM ever designed:

LPs can provide liquidity with up to 4000x capital efficiency relative to Uniswap v2, earning higher returns on their capital
Capital efficiency paves the way for low-slippage trade execution that can surpass both centralized exchanges and stablecoin-focused AMMs
LPs can significantly increase their exposure to preferred assets and reduce their downside risk
LPs can sell one asset for another by adding liquidity to a price range entirely above or below the market price, approximating a fee-earning limit order that executes along a smooth curve

Looking at the Uniswap V3 token in the period of 30 days, it’s evident that the UNI price, standing at $11.01, has increased compared to the previous period. The Market Cap is $7.5B with a 22% change, which, in comparison, signals growth of the token’s general market value.

The Current TVL metric in the 7-day period shows that UNI token has $7.7B stacked & locked in its smart contracts, with a 0.09% spike. Finally, Uniswap V3 token’s CAP/TVL Ratio is showing increase with a 22% fluctuation, and it signals whether the token is going to be a rewarding long term asset or not.

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