United Farmers X is an ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with yield farming and Automated Market Making (AMM).

After experiencing disappointments with other platforms, such as rug pulls, scams, and broken dev team promises, the creators wanted to build a platform that would bring back trust to the crypto community. This project aims to provide transparency to investors and yield farmers by building a solid and secure foundation with their own UFX token as the center of the service.

UFGRAIN is UFX's supported layer two coins to offer Yield Farming, DAO, Pools, and Vaults. UFGRAIN can be used to pair with UFX to enter their Golden Grain Farm, which earns Golden Grain, and will be used to enter their future vaults that will earn non-native tokens. UFGRAIN will also be used in their future gamify feature.

SYMBOL: UFX  and UFGRAIN Launch date: 27 Dec   Low supply | DAO Staking | Yield farming | High APR | Vaults | Doxxed team

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