Unstoppable Domains A CNS or UNS blockchain domain. Use it to resolve your cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites.

Unstoppable Domains launches domains secured by blockchains and builds uncensorable websites. With Unstoppable Domains, users can register for the.zil domain extension, enabling them to create websites that leverage the decentralized storage network, InterPlanetary File System, for data storage. These domain names can also be used to replace crypto addresses, enabling users to use their.zil domain name when receiving crypto payments.

If you want to resell domains, you must first Register as A Reseller with Unstoppable Domains and configure your reseller account to accept Stripe and/or CoinBase payments. You may also visit the Buy Domain: Reseller Demo to test out the platform before integration. See the Reseller API Endpoints for interactive guides and detailed parameters.

Login with Unstoppable is built using the new Unstoppable Authentication protocol or simply UAuth. UAuth is an authorization system built with domains as the primary subject of authorization instead of usernames or wallet addresses. The UAuth protocol is an extension of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol that allows Unstoppable Domain owners to designate authorization servers (OpenID Providers) to authorize access to digital resources a user owns on that user’s behalf. Currently, Login with Unstoppable is configured to share the email address associated with their account on Future updates will allow users to share other metadata such as social profiles and community memberships with their login, as well as receive direct requests from applications to share specialized information. See the guides on Domain Owner Configuration, Getting Login Credentials and Login Integration to get started.

Unstoppable Domains supports 260+ cryptocurrencies. The most common way to integrate with Unstoppable Domains is through simple domain resolution. This process converts cryptocurrency addresses to a human-readable or user-friendly name. See the guides on Crypto Payments, Resolution Service API, Resolution Libraries, and Library Configuration for more detail on integrating UD into your app.

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