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What is Uranium?
In the current DeFi world, the same problem is encountered by many AMMs : the token value collapses, tends to 0, and the use of DEX decreases before it stops completely.

Many strategies have been attempted to avoid this pitfall (the Goose layered farming, exotic burning mechanisms..), but none have succeeded, until now.

We can introduce you to a sustainable solution : the sRADS Protocol.

We believe the answer is to simply return the majority of the profits to our users : we'll make them shareholders instead of only liquidity providers.

Stake RADS, receive sRADS, and get rewarded with dividends !

In our pools and farms, you're rewarded with our RADS token, like every other DEX. The difference is that we have created a second token, the RADS counterpart : sRADS. Holding this token on your wallet makes you an investor of our AMM, making you earn dividends in BNB and BUSD every block !

How ? 75% of every revenue made on Uranium Finance (deposit fee, swap…) will be redistributed to all the users who are holding sRADS ! The rewards will increase with your shares of sRADS supply, and with the global use of Uranium : the more we are, the more we earn !

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