What is Uranus Finance?
Reflection" is a concept made popular by Safemoon and its many forks. It means that such tokens inhibit a reflexive relation. In other words it means that the token ‘points’ to itself: a percentage of every transaction is used to fuel a liquidity-pool and a part of that same transaction is used to distribute back to the Holders.

We love the feature of automatic liquidity and self yield-generation of reflective tokens, but we strongly believe that a project without the ability to produce positive and sustainable cash flow is never going to last.

Here comes Uranus. The world's first productive and reflective token combining the best of both worlds. On top of the Transfer Tax rewards, our token Holders will also share the Performance Fee generated from our farming vaults, which will continue to increase proportionally with the growth of Uranus ecosystem.

One token.

Dual rewards. Even without the need of staking!

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