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Our ambition is to become the premier streaming provider for all things Anime (think Netflix but exclusively with Anime content). Furthermore, we will also be partnering with teams of animators to produce our own Anime titles, with the first being the story of our mascot Tomi. We will also look to sign licensing agreements with some of the most prominent Anime films and series. More so, we will also help up and coming talented animators be featured and discovered on our platform.

ValeKaze is a reward, payment and staking token for the manga industry to facilitate supporting your favourite manga artists through a new form of digital merchandise and we are building the world largest Manga platform marketplace for authentic manga collectibles from original manga artists.

ValeKaze is the world’s first crypto project to create value for anime enthusiasts.

Our token will have 2 main use cases, The manga platform and the streaming platform. Both of these will contribute to an increase in holders and transactions like selling your manga on our platform to get more token, leading to positive price action.

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