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Vibranium is a Community-owned NFTs platform that is started with a Mission "Empowering Blockchain-Based Art Economy by building world's most Creator-Centric NFTs Marketplace."

It is designed in India, the cultural hotspot of the world. India is home to an abundance of ancient temples, vibrant art forms & colorful rituals, which

give it a distinct advantage. To give you some perspective, India has about 28 states, each one of which boasts of its own different cultures and arts.

We are blessed with some great physical/digital artists here. But we've noticed that they have never gotten the opportunity to monetize their arts and get it a fair value. Vibranium hopes to be the first platform that allows them to realize the true potential for their arts. We will give them sizeable exposure to the domestic and international market allowing them to gather eyeballs and with it, real value.

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