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What is Void Farm?
Void Farm is a yield farm with built-in token deflation running on the Binance Smart Chain, that with a set of deflationary mechanisms, seek to generate long-term sustainable returns. All this combined with several constant posts abou twhat rug pulls are and how to avoid them.

- 30k max supply of Void.

- A farming reflective token.

- 2% of every transaction will be burned and another 2% automatically splited to all other token holders.

- No presale, premint or anything like that.

- 0.01 Void minned per block.

- Low mining dev fee of 2%

- All tokens received by reflection within the pools will be automatically burned.

- Timelock of 12 hours with prior notice of any changes and, of course, no migrator code.

- Decreasing deposit fee according to how the project progresses. Starting at 4%. This is to maintain a healthy relationship between the deposit fees and the performance of the pools.

- Series of articles about security and a commitment to transparency. You can start with the Security section right here

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