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What is Walk Dogs?
Walk Dogs is a Move-To-Earn Web3 App with built-in Game-Fi elements, which combines two activities that hold an important part of our lives: walking and earning. The Walk Dogs protocol allows users to earn the $WLD Token for every step they take with their real and Virtual NFT Pet. To make the process of Move-To-Earn more fun the app will include various games. In solo mode users will use their NFT Dog for walking and earning tokens. The speed with which users walk affects their total traveled distance. In duo mode users will use their NFT Dog and walk together with a friend who also owns an NFT Dog, which allows both to earn even more Tokens.

The Walk Dogs Ecosystem uses the $WLD Token, which is the main utility token. It is  used in the mobile application and in DApp, where users will mint their NFT Dogs, purchase and sell NFTs on the Marketplace and most importantly Walk and Earn the $WLD Token. The Walk Dogs Ecosystem includes a DApp, a mobile application and an NFT Marketplace.

The goal of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle among millions of individuals and inspire them to spend more time with their furry friends! The team is proud to reveal the potential of what people can achieve nowadays with Web3 technologies by giving its users the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle and receive nice bonuses along the way!

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