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What is WalkSphere?
Welcome to WalkSphere!

WalkSphere application is the tools you need to earn $WALKX, BUSD & KCAL while walking.

We are a team of innovators and creators, dedicated to enhancing people's lifestyles by combining game elements with our innovative app. Our application is designed for those who want to earn rewards in $WALKX, BUSD & KCAL  for walking, moving around or doing exercise. We're committed to providing the latest technologies that make life more enjoyable!

About WalkSphere

WALKX is built around an important daily activity for most people-moving around. For those who just want to burn calories, WALKX has created a way for you to do that without the need of understanding NFTs or Crypto. All you need is Sneakers from WALKX and then start moving!

Our Objective

To build a powerful app platform and ecosystem that will help people make a good difference in their lives through the use of crypto. It should be simple for them to experience the power of this new technology.

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