WE Token is the native Wanda Exchange Token and can be used for discounts and fast payments at every participating POS partner worldwide or in Wanda Cash Exchange. WE are starting on the Binance Smart Chain – but within 60 months (Token-Lock) WE will release their own AI-Blockchain solution. The solution is developed for instant payments with best rates guaranteed for buyers and sellers. Our smart AI-solution will detect the best moment and exchange to sell the tokens to the highest price possible on all markets (DEX & CEX).

Our unique and patented POS system works in a very smooth way for buyers as well as sellers. While the buyer can easily pay in crypto – the seller will receive a confirmation within seconds and the FIAT money within 20 minutes to his corporate bank account.

The Wanda ATM product line will be released approximately in Q2/22, after approval of SEC. Wanda ATMs will work as traditional ATMs just for crypto. Due to Wanda´s ethic policy, there will be only withdraws available.

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