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What is War of Robots?
War of Robots - Break away from a pack with the most attractive turn-based NFT Game in 2021!

More than just a game of Play for Fun or Play to Earn, War of Robots NFT game creates competitions for team players and requires them to have a strategic thinking and strength expressed through interaction and connection with other players.

Developed on BSC platform and using Cocos2D engine, War of Robots is optimized, light, and smoothly operated.

War of Robots is confident with a variant of game modes and tank crafting, which results in a metagame that players can go beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Players can assert themselves and gain valuable rewards in the Tank Battle universe with a variant in game modes: PVE, PVP, Alliance War, and Tournament.

Besides from interesting game modes and being an NFT metagame, it is undeniable that War of Robots  eye-catching and user-friendly graphic will greatly hype up players' experience.

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