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Series 1
Prologue: Earth never stood a chance. Arriving suddenly from another dimension, the alien fleet conquered Earth within days. Only pockets of underground resistance throughout the planet remain.  The only hope left for saving Earth is a group of warriors recruited throughout time by a mysterious entity.
The mysterious entity: Traveling through time, the nameless mysterious entity searched out some of Earths greatest (but maybe not so well-known) warriors in a plan to save earth.  But these were no ordinary combatants, they were chosen because they have within them the “spirit warrior”.

The entity communicated to the warriors through their dreams, appearing to them as someone they love and recognise.  Explaining their vital importance for saving all mankind, they needed to willingly volunteer for what will likely be their last great battle.  Their sleeping bodies were then levitated through a portal to where their training begins and their old lives end.

But the entity did not reveal the full plan.  It told them only what they needed to know.  For it was the spirit warrior within each fighter that was integral for the success of the mission.
The spirit warrior:  Scrambling for survival, the incorporeal being entered into a dimensional rift which opened up as a result of its attack. It found itself heading towards the blue and green planet it recognised as Earth.  Unfamiliar with its incorporeal existence, it soon realised that it required a physical state to survive.  It needed to attach itself to a life-force, the soul of another being or it will cease to exist.

In a desperate frenzy to survive, it bonded itself to an early ancestor of modern humans.  There it would persist as a passenger, instinctively only coming forth in times of conflict and war.  When the host eventually died, the being would move to another host.  This process has repeated itself for tens of thousands of years and probably still does today.

Throughout that time, great warriors of earth have been forged.  And those warriors that had inside them this hitch-hiker of souls had access to untold knowledge of warcraft and within them an unprecedented fire to survive and win.  Such warriors became legends. This extraordinary force became known as the “spirit warrior” and is now humankinds last hope for survival.
Through the Portal: Thirty warriors woke simultaneously to find themselves in an ancient stone city surrounded by a great wall.  They were now in an artificially created pocket universe, protected from everything including time itself.


But something felt different.  Each warrior now had within them a spirit animal.  This would not only allow the warriors to communicate and understand one another, but they would soon discover they have a spirit animal ability they can use in battle.  What the warriors didn’t know is that the spirit animals also formed part of the mysterious entities untold plan.

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