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What is WAX Arena Battle Game?
WAX Arena  game is a revolutionary, web based NFT arena battle game launched on the WAX blockchain and brought to existence by the talented minds of Ishiki Arata, Alex Griciuc, and Robert Lazar and Vaklin Petkov. The core of the game revolves around collecting and upgrading NFTs, competing in daily training sessions and arena fights, and ultimately against other players in the WaxArena to defeat arena champions.

Players can choose their lineup, level their characters, and equip these characters with gear to enhance their chances of winning. WaxArena is also focused on provided value and utility to partnered NFT projects on the WAX blockchain. This is done through rewarding players for collecting and holding NFTs from these collections with Power Points. Power Points allow the player to customize their characters with attribute points. Characters generate the player both passive and active income in the form of Arena Experience (AEXP) which is used to purchase NFTs from the WAX Arena Shop.

The WAX Arena Shop itself offers numerous miscelaneous items which allow you to improve the rarity of your gear, the levels of your characters, replenish important stats to re-enter fights and many others. just play


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