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Launch your company, build an empire, become a WAX Tycoon! Climb the leaderboard and run the most prestigious companies. is the first-ever tycoon idle game with rewards on the WAX blockchain. Play for free and start earning your share of 25,000 WAX!

The WAXTycoon ​​blockchain is huge and although it is in a nascent phase, we can already take advantage of its potential to generate money, accumulate WAX ​​or obtain high value NFTS.

I want to give you some tips to get WAX quickly. When we create a WAX Wallet, in the Dapps section we will see a multitude of applications. Our section is the games section.

Alien Worlds is one of the most innovative and popular games on the WAX ​​blockchain, but I have another one that I want to tell you about, which is WAX Tycoon.

In this game we only have to buy production buildings: cafes, casinos, hotels, supermarkets ... We buy them with gold coins that the game itself gives us at the beginning. These buildings produce more money and with that money we invest in the buildings built, so that they increase their production and we will buy new ones that bring us more income.

The objective of WAX Tycoon is to be able to place ourselves in the TOP 20 of the classification. The more you produce the more you upload. Once we have reached the TOP, we can request a prestige. Our progress will reset to start from 0 but we will be given gems.

These gems, we can take them to WAX.WORLD and exchange them for WAX. The WAX ​​token will appear immediately reflected in our Wallet when we sell the gems. With this WAX we can do staking to increase our resources within the wallet and intensify the activities within the games, buy NFTS, or on the contrary, take it to an Exchange and exchange them for dollars.

This gaming blockchain may be more consistent in the future, if we manage to get in, we will be among the first and we will be better placed when new users come. We will be the owners of the market.

I will continue to bring more information about WAX and its Dapps, always with the goal of making money.

I'm already at rank 1000 and I only log in once a day to upgrade my buildings.

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