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What is Waypoint?
Waypoint (WPNT) provides bridges between networks, starting with BSC and MATIC, for ease of moving assets across various chains. The WPNT token can be bought on one network, bridged and then sold on another in order for users to transfer funds. The choice for which chains to be bridged in the future will be made via voting by WPNT holders. We are aiming for the smallest possible fees for transfers - roughly equivalent to paying the gas costs on our side and covering risk.

There are other solutions that might in the future partially solve the problems we are solving - e.g. cross-chain dexes but we are not aware of anyone with plans to integrate non-EVM networks nor anyone providing you with tokens for fees on the other side (e.g. with BNB or MATIC). Additionally, we doubt that there will be a point when moving across ALL chains will be painless without a specific solution and in the words of the UNIX Philosophy - we aim to “do one thing, and do it well.”

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