The premier stablecoin accrual protocol for everyone in DeFi.

Stake stablecoins into the Wealth Mountain stablecoin accrual protocol and build passive income in a low risk environment.

Stake or unstake your stablecoins at any point without worrying about losing your initial.

Reduce the total unstake fees to 2% on initial stakes by staking for 50+ days.

Direct stablecoin accrual without dilution or tokenomics.

No miner mechanics involved. Direct stablecoin deposits and withdrawals with a flat daily return. Keep track of separate deposits and watch your dividends build up over time.

Dividends increase over time with retroactive growth.

Stakes begin earning yield at 1% daily and reach a total of 5% daily by day 50. Earnings retroactively update meaning dividends will multiply.

For example, a stake would earn 1% for each day staked until day 19. On day 20, the stake would have earnings totalling 2% daily. Use the calculator to for more details.

Diversification wallet dedicated to earning additional yield.

The purpose of fee collection is to leave more money in the contract for longevity. Aside from this, the team plans to invest fees into ROI dApps in the space to create more funding for the smart contract.

Investments include yield farming, nodes, liquidity providing, single asset staking, and experimentation in new dapp opportunities.

Fully autonomous Smart Contract with no developer interference.

The dev team will renounce ownership of the Smart Contract and do not have the ability to touch functionality or funds.

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