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What is Weave?
🗞Weave is a new type of Defi platform with a mission to bring Defi to the Masses.

We think the entry barrier for Defi is high therefore presenting solution in three approaches.

1️⃣We provide a drag&drop strategy builder. Your own strategy, your own smart contract. ZERO experience needed. This feature is for WEAVE PRO, the professional, experienced traders.

2️⃣We provide a copy-farming function for WEAVE PASSIVE, the new Defi users.

3️⃣Weave academy including blogs, video tutorials prepared by Weave team who had around 20K subs in youtube including traditional finance and CEX trading only users. They are ready to trade with Weave!

❤️Weave total supply is 200M. We believe locking your token is not necessary, instead we provide milestone bonus multiplier for Weavers that stake for 12W,26W, 52W, 104W. Check out our whitepaper for detail.

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