Weed Factoryis a simulator of the economic model of a weedplanting, thanks to which you can multiply your BNB coins.

You can try yourself as a weedkeeper, developing your planting, acquiring different breeds of weeds and conducting improvements in the production process, getting real profit for it.

There are two types of resources in the game:weed and money. Wax can be bought or obtained from weeds. It is used to buy weeds, open a new frameworks and to develop the planting.

Money is produced only by your weeds, and it can also be obtained from other plantings in your Weed-garden. Money is very valuable, it can replace weed in case of its shortage, and is also used to improve production quality and is freely converted into BNB.

5 level ref. 1% - 1%- 1% -1% - 1%

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