Weezer1 and Death by Toys present “OK Crypto", limited edition crypto-collectibles inspired by the band's tech themed album OK Human. This collection features digital trading cards that represent each song on the album and include different rarities. Hidden in the packs will be 12 one of one "Ultra Rare” golden tickets that can be redeemed for the corresponding one-of-a-kind Weezer1 x Death By Toys physical toy.

What can collectors do with their Weezer NFTs?RAREZ™ is a new brand that has been created by Blockchain Music Pty Ltd (Emanate) for the Series 1 collectibles. RAREZ aims to bring scarce digital collectable, digital music releases and other blockchain-based assets to music industry.

What are the rarities of the Weezer cards on WAX?
Common - An homage to the sketch that started it all. This bare bones card is key to your collection.
Collectible - Bare bones, but make it colorful. These cards are slightly harder to find.
Rare - The world of OK Human comes to life in this fully animated card. These cards are even harder to find.
Deluxe - Just a 5% chance of collecting one. Try to collect them all!
Ultra Rare - The golden ticket. Only 12 of these are available (one for each song on the album). This unique, 1 of 1 NFT is transferrable for the corresponding one-of-a-kind physical toy from Weezer and Death By Toys. However, to redeem it, you must BURN this NFT. The choice is yours.

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