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Wild Universe is a life simulator introducing you with unusual characters and allow you to influence their lives. Throughout the game experience, you will manage one or several characters at once, trying to develop their skills and taking care of them. There is no clearly thought out storyline, so you can play indefinitely and do whatever you want. It is noteworthy that your family can consist of an unlimited number of pets, you can create a whole city! But each of them will need to take care and make comfortable conditions. Soon, new opportunities will open up for you, you will be able to fall in love, earn coins, raise children and compete in various competitions. TRON Universe will give you the extraordinary pleasure of its game process.

The story begins with 5 different wild cats of Lion, Tiger, Panther, Cheetah and Lynx roaming the jungle with a group of Apes. Cats and Apes are unaware of each other's presence, in the beginning.

It will evolve into a metaverse with other animals joining in and a battle will ensue to find out which group of animals will reign as the dominant force in the jungle!

Soon, humans will invade the jungle and start experimenting with the animal's to find a way to create "super animals". Chaos will descend and the migration to the ocean happens.

This storyline will be documented in a super series of comics that will be exclusive at first to early adopters. Comics will be a separate launch.

We have planned for a gamified version right at the end when the storyline has been concluded so that NFT holder's will have utility for their characters and will earn rewards in games such as battle's between their respective animal groups.

Only 5,555 mints will be allocated for the first launch and plenty of giveaways have been lined up! All characters will have a full reveal during mint!

Every Wednesday will be known as "Wild Wednesday" with the best exclusive giveaways done during this event.

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